iOS 9 Review


What’s new in iOS 9

Apple released its 9th major operating system iOS 9 on September16, 2015.iOS 9 is a successor of iOS 8.iOS 9 was announced at the apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) on June 8, 2015. iOS 9 was more focused on improved functionality and enhancement in performance with minor design changes. iOS 9 biggest focus was on intelligence so that iOS devices can learn the usage information of the users to guide and recommend users according to their need at the right time. With the release of the iOS 9 apple did not dropped support for the older devices running iOS 8.iOS 9 supports 20 devices making iOS 9 the most supported iOS than any other iOS release.

iOS 9 supported devices

iPhone                   iPod Touch                                      iPad                        iPad Mini

iPhone 4S            iPod Touch (5th generation)             iPad 2                                 iPad Mini

iPhone 5              iPod Touch (6th generation)             iPad (3rd generation)         iPad Mini 2

iPhone 5C                                                                    iPad (4th generation)        iPad Mini 3

iPhone 5S                                                                 iPad Air                             iPad Mini 3

iPhone 6                                                                     iPad Air 2
iPhone 6 Plus                                                             iPad Pro
iPhone 6S                                                                                                           
iPhone 6S Plus
iOS 9 Features
News app

Apple introduced its brand-new app called news app replacing its older newsstand app. Users can subscribe the news on the basis of their interest.

Note app
The new note app includes number of enhancements including ability to sketch with different tools, adding images ,links, locations, documents etc. Users can add whatever app they’re in by tapping share button. In a new note app check list can be created by adding bullets with a tap . Notes now can sync with iCloud Drive so that notes can be accessed , edited, created across all platforms.
Apple adds support for transit direction in map app. The support for transit direction is available in Baltimore, Berlin, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York City, Paris, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Shanghai, Toronto, and Washington D.C and several other cities in China. Nearby feature in map lets you to find point of interest like places, restaurants, fast foods, cafes, shopping, drinks etc.
The passbook was renamed wallet in iOS 9.Wallet includes support for gift cards, discover card and apple pay support in UK.
( A smarter way to do just everything).
Apple claims that iOS 9 is the most intelligent than any other mobile OS in the market. Apple’s digital voice assistant Siri now can search a wide range of topics and can provide answers. Siri is now more responsive in iOS 9 because of huge enhancements in proactivity. Not only Siri, everything has got a lot better and intelligent in iOS 9.You can try siri asking few questions like
“Hey Siri, what’s the best sushi place in town?”
“Show my photos from Houston last July”
“Find videos I took at shera’s birthday party”
“Text Sam ‘See you soon”
“Read my latest email”
“Find pics from my trip to China in 2015”
“What movies are playing today?”
“Shuffle my mood booster playlist”
“Find a table for four tonight in Brooklyn”
“Take a selfie”
“Show my selfies from Christmas eve”
“Hey Siri, what song is this?”
“Get the Sky Guide app”
“When is sunrise in Sydney?”
“Learn to pronounce my name”
“Wake me up at 6 AM tomorrow”
“How’s the weather tomorrow?”
iCloud Drive
(optional iCloud drive app)
In iOS 9, apple introduced optional iCloud Drive application which can be installed through
 > Settings
> iCloud
> iCloud Drive
> Turn on iCloud Drive
With iCloud Drive application you can safely store all photos and documents in iCloud. Through iCloud Drive app you can access, manage, edit, and save all your data’s. In iOS 9 iCloud Drive is inbuilt which makes it even easier to manage and access all your stuff on any iOS platform.
Battery Life
The most important aspect of iOS 9 is optimization improvement and efficiency. In iOS 9 apple heavily focused on battery life. With the introduction of Low Power Mode in iOS 9, you can now extend the battery life for extra additional hour of use. I personally experienced about 50 minutes of additional battery life before switch off as compared to iOS 8 for the same general internet use.



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