Google I/O big announcement 2016

Every year google brings new products and improvement and performance enhancement for existing services and tools. Google I/O is the biggest day in Google’s calendar. In google I/O keynote, the company revealed its upcoming tools and technologies. Here is everything you need to know from google I/O announcements.
Google has developed its own smart speaker for the home that answers voice commands which is called as ‘Google Home’ .Although there was no price announced it is coming later this year. This smart home hub directly competes with Amazon’s echo smart speaker. The Google Home looks gorgeous with no buttons and the design is customizable with different colors. Amazon has seen success with its echo since it launched in 2014 and it already works with many products and apps. Google could pull more ahead by connecting to popular apps. Google home streams music to multiple speakers with chrome cast audio and it could talk to other nest home smart devices because google owns nest. Google is also working to boost the smart of its voice activated digital assistance. The scope of google assistant is very huge because we have seen that google assistant is designed to work across all google platforms.

Google has announced its brand new messaging app called Allo . Allo is a mobile only app that lets you to sign up using your phone number. It also have the option of connecting your Allo account with google account. Allo includes features like google assistant integration, smart photo recognition, ability to control the font size of your message, emoji, custom stickers, and ability to draw on photos. Allo makes use of machine learning to create smart replies to messages. It can anticipate your replies to certain messages based on past responses. Allo feature incognito mode which keeps chats private by encrypting message end to end.

Google also introduced another brand new face time app called Duo. Duo actually is a Google’s face time competitor with apple’s face time and other face time video messenger available in the market. Google Duo is a single one-to-one video calling app which is said to perform well even on poor networks as well. Google claims that it is very simple to use. When you get a call from someone you can see their face before answering the call and that feature is called knock knock. Same as Allo Duo also lets user to sign up using their phone number and can also be connected to google account.                                     


Both Allo and Duo will be available for iOS and Android later this year.

A virtual reality is a big area of growth so to encourage more VR headsets google created the software and the hardware platform called Daydream. Daydream is not a physical headset but instead it’s a blueprint for companies to make better VR headsets. It is just like a google encouraged other companies to make Android phones, it is just the same concept but for the VR. Previously people can experience VR only on YouTube. Now the users will be able to use various Google’s services in VR like YouTube, Play Movies, Google photos, and Google maps Street view. Android N devices which support this will be known as Daydream-Ready devices. Several Daydream-Ready devices will be released later this year from major manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG, and Huawei.
Google released its upcoming operating system android N developer preview on March where we got the first look of android N. Android N has now become much more smarter, faster, and smoother. Android N official final built won’t be available until later this year but google released its newer version of Android N developer preview in google I/O which includes features such as

Instant apps- Instant app lets you to access certain apps without downloading and installing

Multi-window- multi windows lets you to perform split screen multitasking. You can now use multiple apps simultaneously on same screen. This feature was already available on LG and Samsung devices but now it is natively available for all the devices which runs android N.

Reply in notification- reply in notification is very new feature to android .Google now let’s user to reply text messages directly from notification without switching the app. This helps user to instantly reply any message from any screen on the device.
Android N also includes other various features like Google assistant, notification bundle, night mode, more control over notification, easier multitasking and improvements in graphics and performance.


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