Apple finally joins Instagram account highlighting ‘Shot on iPhone’ photos and videos


Apple is expanding its social media presence by launching an official Instagram account to showcase some of the best photos taken with the iPhone. Last year apple joined twitter and gathered more than 100k followers within a few hours.

Apple also has 6 other Instagram accounts including iTunes and Apple Music. It’s presence on Instagram had been limited to ads, without a followable account. The new @apple account is verified and followable.

As noted by Mashable Apple won’t share any ads or marketing on the account, The page will exist to highlight photos that are shot on the iPhone, by the hundreds of millions of people who use it as a camera each day. Apple credits all photos re-published through its new account.

The Apple is currently posting galleries, sets of images taken by various photographers using iOS devices. Apple has recorded interviews with some of the artists behind the images and uses that as a voiceover track for the video galleries.

Post from @Apple 




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